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Councillors can change people’s lives

The other day, while at home preparing for a council meeting on air quality monitoring,  I received a telephone call. “You don’t know me,” the woman on the phone told me, “but I heard today that you did an amazing thing.” Immediately, I suspected a telephone scam. However, it turned out that this was real. 

The woman explained to me that while sitting in a hospital waiting room, she’d heard a man rave about a local Kettering Borough councillor. The man was extremely happy that the councillor had managed to get a new boiler installed in his home within just a few days in the middle of winter, whereas he had unsuccessfully tried to get his old one repaired for several months. 

Of course, once I’d heard the story, the details came flooding back to me and I remembered him. It brought home to me that councillors really can change lives.  Despite all the lengthy meetings and frustrations, it is so rewarding when we can make things happen, perhaps by knocking heads together or by finding the right channels.  I have also passed this uplifting anecdote on to the council officer who responded so swiftly to my email at the time.  After all, this is team work, and we could not do the job without them.

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