Community champions at St. Mary's School

By kilowatts on July 12, 2015

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Cllr. Mick Scrimshaw and I have become involved with a new exciting project being carried out by the children of St. Mary’s School.

Between us we were able to raise quite a bit of funding to bring in an outside consultation company who specialise in working with children. They have spent time working with the children to find out how they would like their school or local area improved.

The idea is to empower youngsters and get them involved from an early age in decision making and hopefully give them confidence and teach them to become active members of their community and that they can make a difference to their own community.

The other day they put on a fantastic presentation for us to explain what they had done so far and that they would like to see improvements to the school’s toilets. To be honest, this came as a bit of a surprise as we had expected for them to call for more play equipment for the school or in Mill Road Park next door, but they actually put forward a very convincing case and explained perfectly why they wanted this and afterwards it did all make perfect sense.

All the children involved deserve a massive well done and a thank you and hopefully the work they have done and all the planning and notes they made can be used to find some funding to make their vision a reality.

They made cardboard cut-outs of the people they chose to be their buddies in this project. This is the one they made of me, which almost made me cry and now proudly hangs in my kitchen.

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