Author: Mick Scrimshaw

New report shows older people still face grave financial uncertainty because of the Conservative’s social care policy vacuum

A new joint report on social care costs by ‘Independent Age’ and the ‘Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ has commented on the Government’s plans for people to fund their own social care. The government’s proposed lifetime cap on care costs for adults in England is set at £72,000 and the latest plan was for it to come into force in 2020. However, this does not take into account the full costs of care, such as Daily Living Costs, which include food and accommodation, and make up a large part of annual care home costs. According to the report under...

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Save Northamptonshire’s Libraries & call for Option 4

A new website has just been launched across Northamptonshire in response to the County Council’s latest proposed cuts to library funding. There are currently 36 libraries in Northamptonshire and the proposals offer three options to cut funding which could threaten all but eight of the biggest libraries. The council’s idea is that local communities will somehow take on the responsibility of running and funding over libraries although clearly, a large number will simply close. Since details of these proposals have become public, more and more people are coming to the view that none of those three options being offered...

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Leader of Northamptonshire County Council desperately asks local Conservative MPs for support in a leaked letter

At least one local Tory MP has spoken out in response to the County Council’s current round of budget cuts saying “he has lost confidence in the council”. In response the County Council’s Conservative leader has then secretly written to all seven local Tory MP’s asking them to publically keep out of the fight. She also admits that they are pushing through the worst of the cuts now (including the extremely controversial cuts to library services), so as not to affect their election prospects in the Borough Council elections in May 2019. This comes just after the Local Government...

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Local Government Association publish damning report into the finances of Northamptonshire County Council

It was publically announced on Wednesday that a peer review of the County Council’s financial position has just been undertaken by the Local Government association (there is a link below if you would like to read it for yourself). The Executive Summary points out that in recent years the Council have sought to make significant savings in response to reductions in funding, but many shortfalls in achieving this has been the norm in the last few years. Reserves and balances have been used to ensure the accounts have a viable position and the point is made that time is...

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Mick Scrimshaw fights for improvement of Union Street

Today I am formally asking Northamptonshire Highways and/or Kettering Borough Council to act on the ongoing issue of the state of the road and pavement on Union Street! Over ten years ago a developer built some new houses in the area. My understanding is that as part of the planning permission they were given, they had to carry out work to improve the condition of the road at the bottom of Duke Street. Ever since then there appears to have been an ongoing disagreement with the developer and the two councils about when this work will take place and...

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