Another huge tax bill for Desborough Residents

Desborough residents will soon be hit with another big Council Tax bill as the Town Council unanimously (11 Conservative and 1 UKIP) agrees a Parish Precept of £349,700. Following last year’s 422% increase to £352,000 Desborough residents will again have to foot the bill for the Tory ‘tax and spend’ agenda.

Once again Desborough Councillors are completely out of step and appear divorced from reality. Figures from Kettering Borough Council for 2017/18 show the Precept for Rothwell Town Council of £30,000, Burton Latimer £31,750 and Desborough £349,700.

The feelings of local people expressed through the Parish Poll were arrogantly ignored but on 4th May 2017 Desborough residents can send a clear message through the ballot box.

“Ar Tarn Tory Tax”

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This article is part of Desborough’s “The Rose” Spring 2017 edition. The Rose is a regular newsletter delivered to residents of Desborough, and the Spring 2017 edition can be read in its entirity by clicking on the images below to enlarge them.

Photo by HowardLake 

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