Pipers Hill: January & February Updates

By Anne Lee on February 21, 2016

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Some January/February 2016 mini-updates from Piper's Hill councillor Anne Lee!

Holocaust Memorial

At the Holocaust memorial in the Council offices we gathered to remember a dark part of history. I spoke about the Digital Jewish Monument (www.joodsmonument.nl), for which I translated some 4000 moving biographies of Dutch Jews who died in the Holocaust many years ago.

The Budget Consultation meeting gives us food for thought about how best to spend the scarce resources, despite dwindling reserves.

Alternative Budget

The Labour group has spent many hours discussing our alternative budget, which we will put forward at the Full Council meeting on the 1st of March. February 2016 More planning meetings about Hanwood Park, formerly Kettering East. Building will soon start in earnest.

The first show homes should be completed by the end of May. Cranford Road and Barton Road will see a lot of activity in the next few months.

Spring in Piper's Hill

As the days become lighter again, County Councillor Eileen Hales and I have started our street surgeries again, visiting several streets a week. The first signs of spring are around us. As the evenings become lighter, I intend to walk round the ward more often to pick up litter.

Dog Fouling

In the Research and Development Committee, we are examining how to combat the fouling of pavements by dogs. Elsewhere in the country, a pilot project is examining how successful the problem can be tackled by building up a DNA database of local dogs. It will make it easier to identify the culprits.

I am chasing up the installation of a new bin near the green in Woodcroft Way, which will make life easier for dog walkers. The new bin has been agreed, but these things take a lot of time before they are implemented.


I firmly believe that Britain should stay in Europe. Now that the date of the referendum has been set on 23 June this year, it is important to remember the unsung benefits we have gained from Europe: rights at work (like a minimum of four weeks' paid holiday, a right to parental leave, protection for part-time workers), lower mobile phone bills, flows of investment in the UK and access to the EU market. It is important for our children to learn that there is a richness of other cultures, languages, music and ideas across the Channel that we can enjoy and learn from.

Anne has been an active councillor for 5 years. She represented Pipers Hill on Kettering Borough Council, and now represents Windmill on the new North Northamptonshire Council. She was a school governor at St Edwards Primary School for 8 years and has been a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for over 30 years. She has 3 grown-up children and lives in the ward, working as a freelance linguist. She is an impassioned supporter of community hubs, such as the Green Patch and the Grange Resource Centre. With a Master’s in political sciences, and a keen interest in improving the new authority’s communications with residents and businesses, she promises to be an active councillor with a strong voice, and is particularly interested in reducing carbon emissions and in supporting families with children.

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