Pipers Hill: April, May and June Updates

By Anne Lee on June 14, 2016

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Some April, May and June 2016 mini-updates from Piper's Hill councillor Anne Lee!

April: Webcasting meetings to increase transparency

This month I learned that the Council’s website will soon be upgraded to include videos and webcasts. Kettering Council’s website already contains a lot of useful information. However, as local government becomes increasingly responsible for a greater number of functions, the website will need to keep up with the huge number of issues residents need information on.

The Labour group is in favour of recording Council meetings on video, which will benefit accountability and transparency of local government.

May: Street surgeries and parking problems

With the days getting lighter, I can now hold more street surgeries with Eileen, the County Councillor. We are slowly getting round the ward.

Yellow lines applied to the corners of Caswell Close and Pipers Hill Road will hopefully bring some relief to the residents in Caswell Close who have been suffering from inconsiderate parking in the area. Since the St Mary’s hospital site now accommodates so many different departments and units, there is a shortage of parking in the area.

This month I became aware of an alleyway between Haynes Road and the flats in Hodge Way that really needs some lighting. I am discussing this with environmental services and have offered part of my ward fund towards a new light.

I attended a Neighourhood Watch AGM and am still collecting signatures to start up a Community Speedwatch scheme in our ward.

June: Preparing for the referendum

Only a couple more weeks to go before the crucial referendum on Europe. I am firmly in favour of Britain remaining in Europe. We need our partners in Europe for economic, cultural and security reasons.

Economically, because we rely on a steady stream of goods being imported from and exported to Europe.

Culturally, because the exchange of music, art and heritage with European countries is crucial for the development of our young people.  We have been steadily leafletting around Kettering to try and put our side of the argument.

For the sake of security, because I know from my translation work that Britain continuously relies on other countries for intelligence in police investigations. It is always better to keep talking. Not many

trial separations result in happy marriages, so we should bear in mind that we may live to regret a negative outcome.

Kettfest 2016

In preparation of KettFest 2016, I am organising a poetry competition for children and adults alike about positive things in Kettering. The winning poems will be printed on banners during KettFest. The deadline has been extended to 26 June. Cannot wait for KettFest on 1, 2 and 3 July. Plenty of arts, culture, music and fun throughout our town.

I will be judging the poems together with Rob Reeves of the ‘Run your tongue’ poetry evenings in The Three Cocks and with Kerry Ambler, who has been teaching children how to write poetry for many years. Poetry has been a passion of mine since I was young. I look forward to discovering the local bards.


Anne has been an active councillor for 5 years. She represented Pipers Hill on Kettering Borough Council, and now represents Windmill on the new North Northamptonshire Council. She was a school governor at St Edwards Primary School for 8 years and has been a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for over 30 years. She has 3 grown-up children and lives in the ward, working as a freelance linguist. She is an impassioned supporter of community hubs, such as the Green Patch and the Grange Resource Centre. With a Master’s in political sciences, and a keen interest in improving the new authority’s communications with residents and businesses, she promises to be an active councillor with a strong voice, and is particularly interested in reducing carbon emissions and in supporting families with children.

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