Andy Coleman – Loatland Ward

Andy Coleman – Loatland Ward

Andy is married, with 2 young children at Havelock Schools. He has lived in the town since 2011. Andy was first elected as a Parish Councillor in his home town back in 1989, to give a voice for the concerns of the youth in the area and has valuable experience of local government.

Andy says ‘I became frustrated at the high costs levied on the townsfolk for very little return and have been a vociferous opponent of the Tory Councillors since the original precept increase. I am passionate about our town and the people living here. I stand for Labour to ensure that Desborough gets its fair share of available resources. I believe Labour gives us strength and, along with my colleagues, we can fight to get our share of resources both financially and with infrastructure.

We have seen no progress in rejuvenating our town centre and the council has failed to address the concerns of residents, both young and old. I believe a Council should be open and approachable, and work for the needs of its residents.

I also pledge to challenge the lack of policing presence within the town. People have a right to feel safe on our streets and secure in their homes but crime rates continue to rise and I fear that we may be seen as a ‘soft target’.

I would be proud to be part of a council that delivers to Desborough’s potential.’


So, the campaign is reaching its end, and soon time to cast your votes. Last time I was elected as a candidate to a council, I was unopposed, so this has been a whole new experience. I would like to thank my candidate colleagues and our superb supporters for guiding me, supporting me, and putting up with me! Truly, I believe with the experience, enthusiasm and passion that this Labour team has, Desborough will be in very safe hands.

I know people have mentioned “social media” presence, and the fact that candidates from all parties have “kept quiet” but I feel we have had a big presence, with our web page being shared, and people able to contact us via email for us to respond personally, which, pleasingly, people have been doing. Whilst debating on social media does have its uses, when people are passionate, tone and body language cannot be interpreted, or are but in a different manner, and the whole debate can be lost in a tirade of insults. I think we have been totally open, honest and transparent in reaching out to the town with updates via our web page, and the availability of our candidates.

Whilst on social media, I think, for all its uses, getting out and talking to people on a 1 – 1 basis is more effective, and reaches more people. I was very vociferous in my criticism of the ex-Tory councillors and called often for their resignations. Now, it came a bit out of the blue, but, when they resigned, I could sit back and say my job was done. Someone had put on social media that candidates were perhaps standing for the “status”, which, as far as I am aware, there isn’t any! Personally, I believe that if you are critical, whether to their face or via social media, then you believe you have a better way, or can do better. I stood on that principal and would not hide behind my keyboard. This is not a criticism of anyone, but my reason for standing, and I hope those who doubt it, still turn out to vote, as Desborough Matters, and your vote will, whomever it goes too.

I stand as I believe this town and its future were being decided by a party remote from its residents and offering no future for the present and next generations. I have 2 kids of my own and have been asked loads of questions by them about the election and what we can do for the town. It may only be a year, and a chocolate fountain, free of charge at the top of Havelock Street, may be something I cannot promise, but some suggestions coming from them and their friends show they want a town to be proud of, and one that listens and fights for its residents.

Well, as I say, a couple more days left to see as many of you as possible, but, of course, you can always contact me via this page. I am really proud to have stood for Desborough, alongside Jo, Tim and Gareth in Loatlands, and Phil, Rik, Helen, Jo, Ben and Paul in St Giles, and proud of the campaign we have had – I know Desborough would have an exciting and safe future in our hands. It matters to you, and it matters to Desborough, please use your vote.


I think this blog answers many of the questions that people are asking so I have ‘borrowed’ it from one of the other candidates. Using sections from our second leaflet it sets out our position and I feel it is important for the electorate to know what they are voting for and where we stand.

  1. Why vote Labour?
  2. What we stand for
  3. Why it matters
  4. What we will do
  5. Why your vote is important

1. Why vote Labour

2. What we stand for

3. Why it matters

4. What we will do

5. Why your vote is important

I hope the above provides some answers. To see a PDF version of our on-line leaflet click below –

St Gies and Loatland Centre pages

St Gies P1&4

Loatlands P1 & 4


Well, The election draws ever closer and what an experience it has been. Elected or not, I am proud to have worked with my colleagues to stand up for Desborough and I hope there is a large turnout at the polls.

I regret I have not been able to get out and around to as many people on the canvas trail. I started a new job this year, as my previous ones kept me working until 8pm with travel etc, and hence why I missed council meetings amongst other things. However, managing a small workforce means that any sickness, and I have to fill in, which has meant longer hours again, plus, as in any new job, lots of training and travelling. This does not mean I have any less commitment to Desborough, if anything, it has made me even more determined to make sure we, as a town, are heard, and receive a fair share from, currently, KBC.

On the campaign trail though, I have listened and 3 things keep cropping, and I believe are key issues:

1/ Young people disengaged in the town. When I first stood as a Councillor way back in the 80’s, it was because decisions were being made without any of my age or younger consulted, just others in power thinking that they knew the solution because it was “what was always done”. This does not encourage the next generation of future shapers for the town. If they have no voice in the town, what reason do they have to build their futures here. I want to work with the Youth venues and clubs to really hear what they want, and to gain a better understanding on both parts, as to what we can achieve together. I have 2 children, 8 & 10, and want them to be proud of their town, and the first part of that is listening to them, proper consultation and moving forward in partnership.

2/ Housing developments. Whilst I appreciate the need for housing, and the targets that need to be met, I also do not want our town being just rode over roughshod, without a fair representation. We need to ensure that any developments are beneficial to the town, in terms of infrastructure attached, and it meets the needs of the town. Our voice needs to be heard.

3/ Crime rates. I have been shown by a colleague a list of 3 crimes committed in town just since Thursday. With national cutbacks in policing, it appears towns like ours are viewed a “soft touches” due to little police presence. I vow to work with the local force and community groups to ensure we are not the soft touch implied.

That’s it for now, back on the campaign trail later this week.










Loatland Ward Labour candidates Gareth Coe, Andy Coleman, Tim Healy and Jo Watson taking advantage of the better weather to get out and meet local residents in Peaks Meadows.

Contact Andy Coleman –


Tel: 01536 506580

Promoted by : Phil Sawford C/o Kettering Constituency Labour Party, 12b Market Street, Kettering, Northants, NN16 0AH.

On behalf of: Andy Coleman (Labour Candidate for the Loatland Ward, Desborough) C/o Kettering Constituency Labour Party, 12b Market Street, Kettering, Northants, NN16 0AH.

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