Action following one of our street surgeries

By kilowatts on May 29, 2015

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Recently Cllr. Mick Scrimshaw and I held one of our regular Street Surgeries where we visit an area to give residents the chance to talk to us about any concerns or issues they have in the comfort of their own home.

During one of these chats a resident complained that non-residents were parking in the council provided parking places meaning that local residents often had to park on another street away from where they lived, and presumably causing problems for the residents of that street.

There was no easy way of dealing with this but I was able to suggest to the council that the least they could do was to put up signs reminding people who the parking spots were for. To be honest I didn't really expect this to make a lot of difference but am pleased to report that in actual fact, things have got a lot better.

This seems to be another example of where a relatively small thing can make quite a bit of difference and is also an example of why holding street surgeries and making ourselves available to residents is such a good idea.

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