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By John Padwick on April 26, 2021

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Kyle Patel, Alex Kularatnam and Axel Kularatnam are three young Labour Party members from Kettering who are standing for the new Kettering Town Council next month. If successful, at ages 22, 23 and 20, they will be the youngest councillors in Kettering, and amongst the youngest in the country.

Having lived in the town most of their lives, the three youngsters find it incumbent to step up and be the change they want to see in the town. They are passionate about community engagement, especially with young people who are often neglected by local authorities.

Kyle states that “it's time for young people to demand a seat at the table. We can provide significant insights to make our community work for everyone. The old Borough Council seemed content for things to stay as they are, but we need to broaden the debates. Too often, the old Council didn’t seem to listen. With a new council, we can focus on new initiatives where everyone can be part of the process. These are changing times: we’ve all learned a lot over the past year. Covid and the Climate Emergency have given us a reality check - now it is time for a change.” Kyle is a secondary English teacher and is a candidate for Pipers Hill Ward.

Alex says, “A strong Labour council is essential if the town wants to look to the future. The high street is slowly decaying, bus routes have been unfairly changed, and the Conservative’s sobering message is ‘keep with it’. A Labour town council will be ready to challenge this useless motto and we ask voters to join us in building the stronger alternative.” Alex is an analyst and is standing in St Peter's Ward.

Axel says, “The upcoming elections present an opportunity for a new beginning. With the challenges facing Kettering, it is crucial our local council is prepared and ready to make the correct decisions for all those living in Kettering. Together we can form a council which works for all voters, across all issues and all-party lines, championing matters which will affect our present and future lives. Kettering needs to be a place where young people can build their futures: not a place-holder until you get older.” Axel is a student and is a candidate in William Knibb Ward.

A new council is a new start. Hopefully, the Town Council will begin with a strong youth voice helping to shape and empower the town. That starts with candidates such as Kyle, Alex and Axel.

The Labour Party Candidates for the Kettering Town Council Elections on 6th May 2021 are promoted by: Andy Byatt, 12b Market Street, Kettering, Northants, NN16 0AH.

John is the Campaign Co-ordinator for Kettering Labour. He's lived in Geddington for 30 years and is a longstanding parish councillor. He is a teacher, running his own tuition & consultancy business and is an active campaigner on LGBT issues. He is also a keen actor in the village and more widely and champions rural touring arts, regularly promoting live performances in Geddington Village Hall.

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